About proyect

Storytelling for Peace Building, a project designed by the British Councils in Colombia and delivered in partnership with Fundación PLAN, aims to empower children and teenagers who live in communities that have suffered the effects of the country’s armed conflict to acquire narrative and communication skills that will allow them to initiate reparation processes, leading to the construction of peace within their own communities. Working with expert storytellers from the UK, 80 children and young people aged 12 to 23 participated in workshops where they were able to tell their own stories of resilience, forgiveness and positive transformation. 17 of these stories were subsequently transformed into Colombia’s first ever digital comic for peace by the digital innovation agency Poliedro.

Storytelling for Peace Building celebrates the particularities and uniquieness of each child and young person participating in the project. This digital platform thus becomes an outlet for the voices of those who haven’t been heard can reach an international audience, enabling them to change the discourse that has dominated Colombia’s history through the positive resignification of the experience of those living in Colombia in times of peace.

A British Council project En alianza Plan international
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